25.10.2018 19:00 - Prague Shakespeare Company - Stavovské divadlo - „Measure for Measure“

Director - Guy Roberts Composer - Patrick Neil Doyle Costume Design - Eva Bellefeuille Light Designer - Přemysl Janda Prague Shakespeare Company is proud to present Measure for Measure performed in English. This darkly comic study, directed by Guy Roberts and featuring original music from Patrick Neil Doyle, deals with the eternal struggle between sin and virtue. In these days of sexual and political scandals it is perhaps even more topical than it was in the early 17th century when William Shakespeare wrote it. Funny, Devastating, Powerful – the world’s first sexual harassment play from William Shakespeare - #metoo Vincentio, Duke of Vienna, disgusted by the immorality in his city, announces his withdrawal from public life and leaves the puritanical Angelo in charge. Angelo, in his zeal for observing the letter of the law, begins a ruthless program to stamp out sexual license, in the course of which he condemns one Claudio to death. Surely Claudio’s virginal sister Isabella, a novice nun seeking mercy for her brother, could not awake the lust of this cold, censorious man? Principal Acting Company Peter Hosking - Duke Vincentio, later disguised as Friar Lodovico Abigail Rice - Isabella, sister to Claudio Scott Bellefeuille - Angelo, ruler of Vienna in the Duke's absence Guy Roberts - Lucio - a fantastical John Poston - Pompey, a criminal Kristina Sitkova - Mistress Overdone, a brothel madam Diego DiGiovanni - Claudio, brother to Isabella, betrothed to Juliet Patrick Bentley - the Provost, Warder of the prison Sarah E. Budge - Escalus, a wise lord of Vienna Bob Boudreaux - Frothy, a prostitute David Fisher - Barnadine, a murderer Jenn Kirk - Marianna, betrothed to Angelo & Nun & Prostitute Kalyan Choudhury - Elbow, a deputy Scott Sophos - Friar Peter & Abhorson, an excutioner Liesl Jensen - - Servant to the Duke & Nun & Prostitute Sofía Mayorga - Nun & Prostitute, Vasiliki Bantiou - Juliet, pregnant, betrothed to Claudio & Prostitute Bailey Smith - Police Officer Valeria Vasilova - Nun & Prostitute Justin Hart - Police Officer

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